I am really digging this!

I am really digging this blogging world.  I have found this new cool site, Bloglovin. You need to check it out!

I can follow all the things I love and read in depth more about that specific topic.  I love DIY ideas.  I am all about saving money, doing it yourself, and did I mention saving money :)

I can’t wait until the barn gets far enough along so I can start decorating!!!!!


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Life currently at the land

It’s a beautiful quiet morning here at the land.  Occasionally we stay the night out here in our travel trailer.  The power is not yet established out here so we use the generator to power up at night.  That is more for the girls to be able to watch TV!  Oh, and of course for the Keurig in the morning :)!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 2.37.05 PM

It’s hard building a house.  We  stay majority of the time with my sister and her husband. It was quite a change at first, but we have been there for almost three weeks now and getting used to it.  Even though we are family  my sis and I are so different.  I am a clean neat freak and she is pretty laid back.  I am very thankful they have opened up the house to us though.  I have a room and the girls have their own room.  Plus, we have our own bathroom.  It really couldn’t get any better than that!  It’s just hard anytime you live with someone.

My hubs stays in the travel trailer most of the time out at the land.  There is so much going on he needs to be here.  Very thankful for a knowledgeable husband that can build things!

It’s so quiet here and only one car has driven by all morning.  It’s a place where the girls can run and not worry about a busy street.  Very, very peaceful.  All morning the girls have been riding their bikes around the wrap around porch.  It was very expensive to add all that concrete but so pleased with it. It is amazing and never did I thought we would have a complete wrap around porch. And it’s covered!!! No excuses not to get out and run when it’s raining ;).

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 2.36.56 PM

First thing this morning we saw 10 turkeys feeding and roaming around the back of the property. The first thing my husband did when we bought this place was put a feeder out!  He and my dad love to hunt.  I can’t wait for the cows to roam out here. We also want to get goats again and pigs and chickens.  Soon, it will be our own little farm! We are Blessed!

That’s A LOT of metal!!!!

It seems like this process is taking FOR-EV-ER………  Everyone else who sees our pictures says it’s going fast.  I guess when they aren’t the ones NOT living in it yet it seems fast.  Every day is like 2 weeks!

Our shop guy is doing a fantastic job. Josh is his name and his company is Z-Welding. He works another full-time job for a steel company so he is only able to work on our house about 2 days a week.  Just in a day he gets so much done though.  This house and all the metal involved is going to be one very sturdy house! I had no idea the amount of metal framing that goes into it.  Josh has built two other shops for us.  Very standard metal building for storage and equipment.  On both of those he threw them up in 3 days!  I thought it would be just as fast.

Here in the picture below all the framing for the windows are done except two.  The porch is about halfway done and it seems to be about finished.  He will come back in four more days and I believe that will probably be the last of the framing to be completed.  It’s getting pretty exciting.

I can't wait!!!
It looks so beautiful with the sun shining above.


Texas Tornado

On December 26th 2015  5 miles from where we live tornados destroyed homes and communities. Luckily, no one lost their life in those violent storms.  We said years ago we would have a shelter put in our house and never did.

Because we are building a metal barn a shelter is the one thing that was mandatory with this house! The 22 acres that we live on are flat and wide open.  There is lots of pasture land so the winds are fierce here too. We debated back and forth on different types of shelters.  Did we want underground or above ground? Should it be in the house or outside of the house?  Should we put it in the closet or in the utility room?

My husband finally found a reasonably priced above ground shelter.  It was small but big enough to fit at least five of us.  Now, this shelter isn’t designed to house us for days.  It’s simply to get in and let the storm pass in hopes that nothing hits the house.  However, what was new to me  is the company, New Day Tornado Shelters, http://www.newdaytornadoshelters.com  have each shelter registered in the event a tornado does hit your area they will send someone out to check on you.  I was so thankful to hear that because one of my fears is that your house is hit and you are barricaded inside from the fallen debris.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.15.48 PM

Like I said the shelter is small. It’s only 6 feet tall and 42 inches in diameter.  It’s shaped like a bullet and the inside has padded walls and floors. The exterior is made of steel and weighs over 1,000 lbs.  They do provide a small folding chair!  :) Once the shelter is set in place where you want it they then anchor it to the concrete.  They drill holes into the concrete to anchor.  We had ours placed where the stairs will be, so instead of storage space under stairs like most have we will have the shelter. Fits perfectly! Or at least I hope it will when we start framing the stairs in around it?!?!?!?

Four of us got in there to test the comfort of it.  It was fine and we could even fit my dad in there in the event of an emergency. This is not something I would be comfortable hanging out in for several hours.  I will say if a tornado actually hit our house I could stand being in there for a few hours if I knew we were all going to be safe and live!!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.31.56 PM


What were we thinking???


This is right before the concrete was poured.  I was so nervous.  We just hoped all the plumbing and electric were in the correct places!!!
This is right before the concrete was poured. I was so nervous. We just hoped all the plumbing and electric were in the correct places!!!

Fast forward a couple of months…… We have just finished the concrete slab.  We thought this process wouldn’t be so bad since we have done it before right?  I mean what’s the big deal?  You contact all the individual contractors to do a job and they get it done.  There are lots of little things in between those jobs that a builder must communicate from one contractor to the other.


For example:  The plumber must know how far away from the perimeter of the house to install the water lines.  For brick homes it’s pretty standard but being that we are building a metal home we needed to make sure it was so many inches out.  I was so worried things would not be correct and plumbing would be in the wrong places.  It turns out after the slab was poured one of our pipes were TOO far out.  We will have to sheetrock around that all the way up the wall to hide it :/.  Our plumber is great by the way.  We used him on the last house and he will always come out if there is an issue without charge :).

This is the concrete being poured :) Yay! This feels like the biggest part to me.
This is the concrete being poured :) Yay! This feels like the biggest part to me.

The mistakes that are being made are due to inexperienced contractors (The Mr. and Mrs.)!   Another example of a mess up is the electric that is run to our kitchen where the island would be.  My husband sent my dad out with instructions on how to run the electric before the slab was poured  in the exact place it needed to be.  In the house before the electrician came out and installed that part before slab was poured, but remember we are doing this ALL OURSELVES!!!  So, who is the electrician?  My husband. Who is the framer?  My husband.  Who is going to sheetrock? My husband.  Scary!!

Back to the electrical mishap….  When my dad went out to the land to set the electric for the island he had a buddy with him. That buddy is a retired roofer and has built a couple homes himself.  They had a set of plans and measured exactly where it should be.  IF IT WAS A STANDARD BRICK HOME!!! When my husband got back into town he realized the electric was 2 inches off from where it should have been.  The electric line is sticking out of where my daughter’s bedroom will be :(.  Hubby says not to worry he can cover it up.  Oh sheesh!!  That makes me nervous! Let’s hope there aren’t too many more mess ups we have to fix!


Here we go again!

I must be crazy!  My husband and I finished having our home built a exactly four years ago this spring. It was a beautiful craftsman style home.  This was a dream home.  We designed the floor plan ourselves and did work with a builder who was a friend of ours.  This home had everything!  It had the high end granite countertops, dark beautiful cabinets, brown stone, large fireplace (my favorite part of the house), lots of windows, a workshop, over three acres, and lots more.  We lived with my dad for EIGHT months while building and I said I would never do that again. Well, here we go again!  The housing market has been great in the town we lived and could make quite a bit of profit if we sold.  The area was not so country anymore either.  We had neighborhoods  built all around us and a major road directly behind our property.  The privacy we had once before was gone.

My husband had told me about these “Barndiminiums”.  I googled them and loved the idea of them.  Before we sold our house we started looking for more land elsewhere.  We wanted to be far from everything but not so far from work. We found a pretty decent price on 22 acres!!  The land is old pasture land and completely far from anything.  The roads are only wide enough for one car at a time and I love that.  All is quiet except for echoing gunshots.


We sold our house “By Owner”, because again I don’t pay anyone something I can do myself.  I like to save money!  Our house sold within two months and it was bittersweet.  I liked our house but it was a cookie cutter home. Most of the homes in the area had somewhat of the same style.  I was excited to start something new.  New and different is what this new home is going to be.  I wanted the farmhouse feel and look. I am addicted to the show “Fixer Upper” and have a lot of that style in mind.  The term “Barndiminium”  is a metal home with an attached workshop.  My husband does a lot of wood work and so a shop is needed, but I didn’t like the idea of it being attached.  I didn’t want the noise of his work to bother us inside.  I want our new home to resemble the look of a barn.  It will have a complete covered wrap around porch with huge stained wood sliding barn doors on the front.  And to complete the barn look, the metal will be Rustic Red with White Trim!!!